About This Template

This premium Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) landing page template package includes four different templates that are easy to customize and looks good on every device. Perfect for eBook downloads, webinar registrations, event registrations and more.

The template’s clean code structure makes it accessible for individuals with limited coding experience to customize the template to match their brand guidelines. Additionally, the template comes with clear documentation, a content library and basic support.

Check out the previews and key features below👇

Live Previews

Template with form and hero image

Template with no form and hero image

Template with no form and hero background colour (no image)


Responsive Design

The template is responsive and will look good on any device. Check out the preview links above and click on the icons to view the template on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Editable hero image

Easily update the hero image within the landing page editor.

Font Awesome support

Font Awesome is included, so you can easily add icons from the extensive icon library.

Styled form

Any form you use will automatically be styled, including the checkboxes, radio buttons and submit button.


Not sure how to set up or customize the template? Don’t worry, the documentation takes care of that.

Easily customizable

All the CSS you need to edit to get the template to match your brand is directly within the template. Follow the commented lines of CSS to update your template.

Tested in all major browsers

Yes, it even looks good in IE.

Bootstrap enabled

The template is built using the most popular, well documented, HTML and CSS framework.

Snippet library

Want to add a two-column or three-column section? What about a section for speakers? There are code snippets within the documentation which you can copy and paste to customize your template.


Free, basic support is included. The basic support package includes:

  1. Free bug fixes
  2. Assistance with edits

The basic support package does not include:

  1. Adding custom CSS or HTML to the landing page
  2. Making CSS edits beyond matching the existing template to your brand guidelines

** This template works with the Classic Pardot Landing Page Builder. It is not compatible with the Pardot Lightning Landing Page Builder (drag & drop). **